Tentative Implementation Timelines

*subject to change


Comprehensive Housing Strategy

Identify the entity that will serve as the leader

June–July 2022

Form a Housing Committee

July–August 2022

Get the lay of the land on housing

Oct 2022–Jan 2023

Establish priorities for the Housing Strategy

Jan–Feb 2023

Identify measurable goals & actions for each priority

March–May 2023

Begin implementation

Summer 2023

Workforce Development

Construction Bootcamp

Identify entity that will serve as the initiative leader

June–Aug 2022

Identify existing assets that can support program

Sept–Nov 2022

Establish curriculum foundation

Jan–March 2023

Identify a bootcamp location

Jan–March 2023

Acquire a 3D printer

Jan–June 2023

Identify potential priority populations

June–Aug 2023

Hold public meetings to announce program and raise awareness

Sept–Nov 2023

Develop paper & digital marketing materials to promote program throughout the NW North Carolina region

Sept–Nov 2023

Open program enrollment

Dec 2023–Feb 2024

Begin 3D Printing Bootcamp

Spring 2024